Techno is a style of music that emerged in the second half of the 1980s and fuses various styles of electronic dance music. It is characterized by the minimalist, bass drum-emphasized basic rhythm that comes from house music. Techno refers to synthetically produced, rhythm-oriented dance music that often works with a 4/4 time signature and electronic bass drums, hi-hats and snare drums or handclaps. The focus is less on harmony and chords, but more on individual sounds and how they work together.

Various techno genres have evolved over time, including:

1. Detroit Techno : Characterized by a mix of dark, mechanical vibes and a bright, soulful atmosphere, predominantly instrumental. Well-known artists include Jeff Mills and Eddie Fowlkes.

2. Minimal Techno : Characterized by repetition, subtle changes and a reduction to the essentials. Important names are Robert Hood and Daniel Bell.

3. Industrial Techno : Influenced by industrial music with sound distortion and noise. Artists such as Cut Hands and Helena Hauff are worth mentioning here.

4. Deep Techno : A broad category that focuses on dance and physical movement, with simple, repetitive beats and an emphasis on emotion rather than glitz. Jeran Portis is a representative of this genre​.

5. Acid Techno : Evolved from Acid House, known for its unique sounds created by the Roland TB-303 bass synthesizer. Artists like Hardfloor and Aphex Twin are worth mentioning here.

6. Berlin Techno : Characterized by harder sounds without vocals and more aggressive bass, it reflects the Berlin subculture. Berghain is considered one of the cult sites for this genre.

7. Dark Techno : Defined by its atmosphere rather than tempo or instrumentation, with repetitive, aggressive melodies that draw on themes from sci-fi and horror. “Dark Techno” by Max Minimal and “Battery (Matt Mus Remix)” by Andre Grandeza are examples.

8. Tech House : Combines elements of deep and minimal techno with jazzy and soulful aspects of house music. Green Velvet and Patrick Topping are well-known artists of this genre.

9. Dub Techno : Combines textural effects such as reverb and echo for an ambient-like experience. Moritz Von Oswald and Mark Ernestus (Basic Channel) are important representatives.

10. Melodic Techno : Characterized by arpeggiated harmonies, often in minor keys, with an atmospheric mood. Solomun is a well-known DJ in this genre.

11. Ambient Techno : A more relaxed form of techno, inspired by minimalism in ambient music. Aphex Twin and Biosphere are important artists.

12. Hardcore Techno : One of the most abrasive and fastest dance genres, often with tempos between 160 and 200 BPM. Mescalinum United with “We Have Arrived” is considered the first hardcore techno song.

13.Cinematic Techno : Less a strict genre than a fusion of techno with film music. Jon Hopkins' albums "Singularity" and "Immunity" are examples of this.

These genres demonstrate the diversity and creativity of techno music, which is constantly taking new forms through different influences and experimental approaches.

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